Made-to-Measure Wardrobes in Farnham

Made-to-Measure Wardrobes in Farnham and Ascot | Internal Layout Ideas for Optimal Organisation

No matter how organised you are, your home only has a finite amount of storage space. Even if you clear out junk on a regular basis, it doesn’t take long to fill the voids left behind again. It’s vital, then, to maximise the potential of every available inch in your property. When it comes to bedrooms, made-to-measure wardrobes are the most effective solution. While this is true for rooms of any size, it’s especially so for those with smaller dimensions.

As a bespoke joinery company covering Ascot, Farnham and all surrounding parts of Hampshire and Surrey, we have helped local homeowners make the most of the space they have. And this isn’t limited to the bedroom either – as bespoke furniture makers, we can design and craft features for any part of your property.

In this blog, however, we focus on ideas for the internal layout of your custom wardrobe. Getting this aspect of your design right significantly increases your capacity, and enthusiasm, for organisation and storage.

Made-to-Measure Wardrobes | Interior Inspiration

Audit Your Belongings
While this doesn’t specifically apply to the design our bespoke joinery company will bring to life, it certainly helps to fine-tune it. The entire purpose of investing in a bespoke wardrobe is to benefit from a feature tailored to you. To get the most out of your installation, then, you need to know what you’re going to put inside.

If you know how many tops, sweaters, dresses, pairs of jeans, t-shirts, belts, hats and suits you have, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you need when it comes to drawers, shelves, racks and rails.

Folding vs. Hanging
Generally speaking, your clothing will fall into one of two storage categories: folding or hanging. Made-to-measure wardrobes provide ample room for your needs, but you must still make effective use of what our bespoke furniture makers create. As such, you should strike the right balance between shelving and drawers for folded items, and railing for those that hang.

As a general guide, we advise the following for our clients in and around Ascot and Farnham:

  • Flowy Fabrics – Hang
  • Linen – Hang
  • Trousers – Hang
  • Blouses – Hang
  • Jackets – Hang
  • Dresses – Hang
  • Suits – Hang
  • Thick Sweaters – Fold
  • Sportswear – Fold
  • Shorts – Fold
  • T-Shirts – Fold
  • Jeans – Fold

Of course, shoes are another matter entirely. If you have a healthy shoe collection, you should also leave space for an appropriately sized rack.

Think Beyond Clothes
Because the made-to-measure wardrobes our bespoke joinery company creates deliver so much extra space, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll be able to store more than just clothes and accessories in yours.

Where possible, try to integrate room for storing some bulky items like bed sheets, towels or even extra duvets and blankets. If you can comfortably fit these into your wardrobe, it frees up space elsewhere in your bedroom and wider property.

To view examples of the results our bespoke furniture makers have produced in Ascot, Farnham and the surrounding region, please visit the Gallery page.

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