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Handmade Kitchens in Farnham and Ascot | A Closer Look at the Ever-Popular Larder

Various features come together to make a successful kitchen. There’s the cabinetry, worktops, sink and tap, flooring, stove, oven and drawers. But one of the most underrated features of a well-designed, highly functional space is a larder. As a time-served bespoke joinery company specialising in handmade kitchens, it’s no surprise to us to see this feature appearing on “must-have” lists time and again. From Ascot to Farnham, our clients in Hampshire and Surrey hold larders in high esteem, and with good reason.

In this blog, we look at why integrating a larder or pantry into your kitchen design is a great idea.

For clarity, in modern use, the terms “larder” and “pantry” are interchangeable. Historically, however, there was a difference between the two. People used larders to keep perishable items cool. Pantries, on the other hand, were home to ingredients with less sensitivity to temperature.

In fact, larders were a kind of precursor to modern refrigerators, offering a level of preservation for foods by keeping them cool. The name “larder” itself comes from the lard that people covered meat with to prolong its life.

This is why, traditionally, you find larders built into external walls that face either north or west, meaning they have less exposure to the sun. However, modern larders in handmade kitchens now essentially play the same role as a pantry, housing all manner of ambient ingredients.

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Designing Larders for Handmade Kitchens

One of the key design advantages that comes with adding a larder is reducing the need for wall-to-wall cupboards. In turn, this frees up more wall space and creates a more relaxed environment. This works especially well if you’re trying to create an open-plan space.

Of course, if your current kitchen already has a large cupboard installed, this makes an ideal location for a new kitchen larder. Whether you repurpose an existing feature or want to build something from scratch, you have complete control over the internal organisation.

Many homeowners appreciate the storage potential and versatility of open shelving. Others prefer a greater focus on cupboards and drawers for a neat, clutter-free appearance. Naturally, you can combine both in line with your tastes and requirements.

And don’t forget the larder doors. These are ideal for narrow shelves which can easily accommodate:

• Spices
• Herbs
• Oils
• Bottles

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