Handmade Kitchens in Guildford | The Signs You Should Consider Bespoke Joinery, Made-to-Measure Wardrobes and More

Although space today is very much at a premium, some homeowners still see made-to-measure wardrobes and fitted, handmade kitchens as luxuries for the social elite. Take it from the bespoke furniture makers at Ashcrest Joinery Ltd; nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, bespoke joinery serves as a wise investment, whether you plan to move away from Guildford or wish to make the most of your living arrangements. That said, it’s not always clear when you could benefit from a joinery company the most.

Below are some reasons why you may be thinking it’s time to speak with bespoke furniture makers, and to see how they can make your life easier with handmade kitchens, units, cabinets and more.

Mismatched Furniture

It’s not uncommon for people to buy furniture from popular sellers because of convenience and price. They can often regret doing so, as the finished results fail to match the decorative scheme of the room. Wood may appear darker in person, or the sizing might be slightly off. If you’re tired of ‘making do’ with this approach, then consider made-to-measure wardrobes from a trusted team with a talent for bespoke joinery.

At Ashcrest Joinery Ltd, we let you choose from various materials, colours and finishes – and can even match to an existing piece you own in the Guildford area.

Everyday Storage Problems

We’re all guilty of letting things get a bit messy, but if you find there’s nowhere to put your new clothes, then you should contact a joinery company to help. Many wardrobes available online will feature a single shelf, and this is never enough to suit the modern lifestyle. Made-to-measure wardrobes from bespoke furniture makers provide as much as fifty percent more room than the alternative, while handmade kitchens make far better use of the space inside your Guildford home.

Bespoke joinery gives you the chance to make your lounge, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or hallway work for you. In turn, you won’t have to work around the limitations of your furniture.

An Outdated, Low-Performing Kitchen

Are you on the market for a new kitchen? Enjoy an efficient cooking space that’s both modern and functional by speaking with our joinery company. We understand the kitchen is often the central hub of the home, and will work to revitalise your space in line with your preferred design scheme. From shakers to contemporary kitchen spaces, our bespoke furniture makers manage the whole process for you. We also work closely with electricians and plumbers to manage the project to its conclusion.

At Ashcrest Joinery Ltd, we believe that everyone in Guildford and Surrey deserves handmade kitchens of the highest quality. If you have a creative plan that involves a kitchen island, matching stools and bespoke pieces, we can bring your visions to life.

An Unsightly Appearance

Should your furniture and shelving begin to look rundown, then a bespoke joinery company may be able to fix things up. Replace your warped gates, windows and doors, or restore your staircase with woodwork from the bespoke furniture makers. Alternatively, remove those old freestanding cupboards and wardrobes to make way for tailored creations.

We build made-to-measure wardrobes, cabinets, handmade kitchens, units and more for clients in the Guildford area. Our efforts help turn unsightly rooms into elegant living areas that prove spacious and functional, and serve as true showcases for our creative talents.

Other signs include:

• You could use a joinery team to help restore your home’s features
• Woodwork appears damaged and worn out after years of wear and tear
• You need a bespoke storage solution that only a joinery company can build
• You’re fed up with spending out on ill-fitting cabinets and wardrobes
• You would like new woodwork to match the style of your furniture
• No shop or online seller provides the high-quality products you desire

To learn more about the made-to-measure wardrobes, handmade kitchens and bespoke joinery services that we offer to the Guildford area, call 01252 979200.