Joinery Company in Camberley | Questions to Ask Your Bespoke Furniture Makers

Are you ready to invest in bespoke joinery, but have a number of questions before diving in? If so, it’s worth remembering that a joinery company worth your time should be willing to answer truthfully with a positive attitude. Few bespoke furniture makers understand that quite like the team here at Ashcrest Joinery Ltd. We can explain everything to do with handmade kitchens and made-to-measure wardrobes, as well as bathroom furniture, living room units, bedroom dressers and a whole lot more. To make your life easier going forward, we’ve formed a list below of great questions to ask your chosen joinery company, whether you’re a homeowners in Camberley or a busy tradesperson in the nearby regions.

What’s the Standard Lead-Time?

No one wants to wait forever for a new cabinet or bespoke shelving. That said, you shouldn’t rush the creative process either. An honest answer that gives the professionals enough time in the workshop should satisfy your schedule, plus it lets your bespoke furniture makers know that you’d like to see the result sooner rather than later.

What Do You Need From Me?

Just like builders and doctors, no bespoke joinery company in Camberley can do its best work without fully understanding your needs. For this reason, it’s vital they pencil you in for a consultation at a convenient time. Joiners also need to measure the space accurately to craft made-to-measure wardrobes, handmade kitchens and more with expert precision. Why not also ask if they consider your creative ideas at the pre-production phase?

What Sort of Materials Do You Work With?

You might be surprised to learn that bespoke furniture makers don’t just work with timber. In fact, we as a joinery company often use quartz, granite, marble, glass, MDF and accoya wood, just to name a few. These enable us to work flexibly to the needs of our Camberley clients, while giving them durable products that last for years – even decades at a time.

Can You Work From Existing Designs?

You may already have a sketch or drawing of what you want, ready to go. Architects and designers in particular tend to know just what they want, and have a plan they want an expert craftsman to stick to as much as possible. Bespoke furniture makers should be willing to do just that, while keeping you updated on any changes needed for a practical more build.

Will I Be Passed Between Team Members?

When calling a joinery company near the Camberley area for made-to-measure wardrobes, handmade kitchens and bespoke joinery for the home, it’s worth getting a sense of their customer service. After all, no one wants to be shunted around from one person the next, having to explain the situation time and time again. With Ashcrest Joinery Ltd, you speak with Rob throughout the project, so you always have someone on hand that knows your project in detail.

What Can You Do for My Home?

Without asking, you never really know what a joinery company could do for your property in Camberley or the Surrey area. Ask what they offer as bespoke furniture makers, such as restoration, profile matching, and any specific questions you have about their bespoke joinery service. You may even be surprised to learn they offer more than made-to-measure wardrobes and handmade kitchens – with gates, windows and doors available to order.

If you have questions and would like to speak with a reliable joinery company in Camberley, call the bespoke furniture makers on 01252 979200.