Bespoke Furniture Makers in Guildford

Bespoke Furniture Makers in Guildford, Ascot and Farnham | Find Inspiration for Your Next Custom Piece

At Ashcrest Joinery Ltd, we take pride in being bespoke furniture makers synonymous with excellence. From made-to-measure wardrobes to a one-of-a-kind desk, the team at our bespoke joinery company can turn practically any initial idea or concept into a stunning reality. Because we design products from scratch and handcraft them from premium materials, the results we produce are truly unique and tailored to you.

Due to its custom nature, the service we provide takes on many forms, all of which we can’t cover on this page. However, we have used this blog to highlight some of the most popular features we make for homeowners in Ascot, Farnham, Guildford and the wider Hampshire and Surrey area.

If this inspires your creativity, please get in touch with us by calling 01252 979200. We happily entertain queries for all kinds of bespoke furniture.

What Our Bespoke Furniture Makers Can Do for You

A Desk for Your Home Office
Have you recently made the switch to working from home? Or are you upgrading the décor of a space you have worked in for years? No matter how long you’ve had a home office, creating an aesthetic in your image will have a positive impact on your concentration and productivity.

A desk handcrafted by our bespoke joinery company provides a statement centrepiece for your room. Whether you welcome guests, clients or staff, or you simply work alone, a desk designed around your requirements will make you feel more organised and at ease. In many cases, our results may be the only way you can find a desk big enough.

Simple But Functional Storage
Homeowners in Ascot, Farnham, Guildford and the neighbouring areas often share a common issue – a lack of practical storage space. While made-to-measure wardrobes provide a showstopping quality for bedrooms that’s always welcome, solutions elsewhere in the house, or even in outside areas, can create storage that’s simple yet highly functional.

Our team of bespoke furniture makers uses years of experience to find innovative solutions in otherwise empty pockets of space. Sometimes the addition of a basic frame with a shelf or two, fashioned by a bespoke joinery company and painted in a colour of your choosing, can make a world of difference.

Bedroom Furniture
Every room in your house can welcome bespoke furniture, but this is especially true for your bedroom(s). On a larger scale, there are made-to-measure wardrobes and beds (including bunk beds for children). From here you can work down to features like a chest of drawers and bedside cabinets, to name only two.

Many examples of bedroom furniture focus on storage, be it for clothing, bedding, towels or various other bulky items. Our bespoke joinery company can manufacture solutions designed specifically for your storage requirements. When you have a stylish piece of furniture designed to hold exactly what you need it to, you not only improve the aesthetic of the room, but you also make it neat, tidy and clutter-free.

For more information about the service we provide as bespoke furniture makers in areas like Ascot, Farnham and Guildford, please visit the Bespoke Furniture page.

Call 01252 979200 to speak with one of our bespoke furniture makers about ideas for your property in Ascot, Farnham, Guilford or the surrounding areas.