Bespoke Joinery in Ascot | The Advantages of Working at a Joinery Company

Do you have skills in bespoke joinery that you’d like to make good use of? Maybe you need a change in career and wish to know the options that open once you develop your abilities. At Ashcrest Joinery Ltd, we lend our expertise to projects across Ascot and the neighbouring areas. It’s a challenging yet rewarding task, especially once we complete handmade kitchens, made-to-measure wardrobes and other unique pieces that our customers love. So, if you want to discover how becoming one of our bespoke furniture makers will benefit you in the longer term, you’re in the right place.

Below, we outline the advantages of working at a joinery company like ours, once you have the skills to make bespoke furniture that makes a real impact.

Many Happy Customers – By crafting unique made-to-measure wardrobes, taking on handmade kitchens and building units, shelves, gates and more on a bespoke basis, you can expect to take pride in your accomplishments. Beyond this, you receive a whole lot of positive feedback on your bespoke joinery work, particularly from clients. We can’t express the feeling we get when a customer in Ascot or Surrey lets us know just how thrilled they are with the work we’ve produced. This is a big part of what makes being at a joinery company special.

You Avoid the Office Setting – If you plan to join up with bespoke furniture makers, the odds are you’re not the kind of person to sit around all day in an office. With a workshop where we make our diverse range of products, we at Ashcrest Joinery Ltd have a more dynamic environment that’s both productive and friendly. It also means you won’t have to spend all day staring at a computer or filling out spreadsheets.

Great Job Security – We’ll admit that no job is 100 percent secure, but given that bespoke joinery is so in-demand, you can expect a secure pathway where your work is appreciated. While some jobs around Ascot have grown obsolete due to technology, no robotic arm can resolve issues quite like a trusted joinery company. Once you’ve mastered the right approach towards handmade kitchens, made-to-measure wardrobes, cabinetry and more, you’ll never have to worry about your next paycheque.

A Range of Transferable Skills – Working in bespoke joinery, you will do more than just build furniture. You may develop your communication skills, ability to solve problems on the fly, create practical pieces in a range of styles, and work alongside a team of bespoke furniture makers renowned for their craftsmanship. This will put you in good stead for whatever comes next, whether it involves handmade kitchens in Ascot or made-to-measure wardrobes in the surrounding parts of Surrey.

A Varied Position – While many jobs out there have you doing the same thing day in, day out, working for a bespoke joinery company makes life more interesting. One day you might be on a kitchen unit, the next a bespoke cabinet or side gate. The following week, you may be crafting a window or door for a client in Ascot. Such variety makes the day-to-day activities more of a challenge, using your skills to full effect, and with a competitive salary you deserve.

Whether you need bespoke joinery in Ascot or have the experience to become part of a local joinery company, contact our workshop today on 01252 979200.